China Power Market and Regulatory Framework | 中国电力市场及监管机制
(Agenda | 会议日程)

Power Transition in China: 2050 Vision, (2030) Pathways and Challenges - Dr YUAN Jiahai, North China Power University(Click here to watch)

中国电力转型: 2050年愿景、(2030)路径与挑战 - 华北电力大学袁家海(点击这里观看)

Historical Evolution of Electricity Consumption and Its Development Trend under the New Situation - Dr XIONG Huawen, Energy Research Institute (Click here to watch)

电力消费历史演变与新形势下发展趋势 - 国家发展和改革委员会能源研究所 熊华文(点击这里观看)

Electricity Market Design Initiative - Wholesale Market (Electricity Regulation) (English) - Florian Ermacora, Head of Unit for Wholesale Markets, Electricity and Gas, DG ENERGY (Click here to watch)

电力市场设计方案 - 批发市场 (电力监管) (中文) - 欧盟能源总司 批发市场, 电力和天然气部门主管 Florian Ermacora(点击这里观看)

Electricity Market in a Sea of Change (English)- Prof Jean-Michel Glachant, Director of the Florence School of Regulation(Click here to watch)

在变革大海中的电力市场改革 (中文)- 佛罗伦萨法规学院院长Jean-Michel Glachant教授(点击这里观看)