ECECP Alumni

  • Helena Uhde

    Assistant Team Leader and former Junior Postgraduate Fellow

    Helena was the Assistant Team Leader of ECECP. Helena studied Economics, Governance and Chinese and holds a MA from University of Bayreuth and a BA from University of Hamburg. Prior to joining CEEP-BIT, she worked with JSNR in Nanjing as a project manager for water treatment and biogas projects. Helena is passionate about new innovations in the energy sector and an active member of DALE, the Global Initiative for Distributed and Local Energy. Helena became an ECECP Junior Postgraduate Fellow in 2019 and completed her PhD at the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research at Beijing Institute of Technology (CEEP-BIT) in July 2023. Her doctoral thesis focuses on the analysis and design of local energy markets and the development of business models for decentralized energy markets in China.

  • Lucio Milanese

    Junior Postgraduate Fellow

    Lucio is from Italy and obtained his MSci in Physics from Imperial College London in 2016. He's currently pursuing a PhD in Nuclear Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he has been working on the science and technology underpinning controlled nuclear fusion as a clean and abundant energy source. He is Schwarzman Scholar at Tsinghua University, pursuing a Master's degree in Global Affairs (class of 2022). His interests in the energy sector lie at the intersection of technology, business and policy.

  • Susanna Farrell

    Junior Fellow

    Susanna is from the UK and is a third-year student studying for an MMath in mathematics and German at the University of Sheffield. In 2020-21 She has been undertaking online modules at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. She is a qualified editor and proofreader and am familiar with subtitling software. Susanna will be providing editing, proofreading, and subtitling services to ECECP.

  • Polly James

    Junior Fellow

    Polly is Irish and is from the UK. She is currently an undergraduate at the University of Bristol studying Social Policy and Politics. She has a strong science background, and has become more interested in policy creation and what factors encourage development and implementation. Polly will be providing editing, proofreading, and subtitling services to ECECP.

  • Christina Hadjiyianni

    2022 Summer Intern

    Christina’s background is in environmental science and climate change and she has recently completed an MSc degree in ‘Environment, Politics and Society’ at UCL, while she also holds a first class MSci degree in Geography from Durham University. Christina has previously completed internships in local government and the finance sector in fiduciary management, working in the UK, Jersey, and Hong Kong. For the past five years she has also been working with young people in the U.K. government funded NCS programme, a voluntary personal and social development programme, helping to educate youth about topics such as the climate and biodiversity crises, motivating them to become more involved in and give back to their local communities through social youth action. Alongside this internship with the ECEP, Christina is an intern at the FAO agency of the United Nations where she has been working in the Policy and Programme Team in the Nutrition Division.

  • Lale Anjani Asteraki

    2022 Summer Intern

  • Fatima Zahra AINOU

    Junior Postgraduate Fellow

    Fatima Zahra, from Morocco, obtained her PhD in Energy and Environmental Economics at the Beijing Institute of Technology, Center for Energy & Environmental Policy Research (CEEP-BIT), and is currently open to employment offers. Fatima Zahra graduated with a BA in Economics and International Trade from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and with a MA in Economics from University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB). She has a good command of Chinese language and a fruitful experience as an international trade mediator between the trade partners: China-Africa / China-Middle East. Her current research area is Energy Security and Renewable Energy & Sustainability with focus on the development of EU-Morocco electricity transmissions. Fatima Zahra is an Arabic native speaker, speaks English, French and Chinese fluently. Fatima has completed her doctorate and is currently developing articles for submission to peer reviewed journals.

  • LIANG Chen

    Contracting and Procurement Expert, ECECP

    Liang Chen was the Technical Support to the Team Leader of ECECP. She joined ECECP after completing a successful tour with the EU-China Partnership Facility Project. Chen has over 7 years experience working with international organisations in implementing international cooperation projects in trade, SME Help Desk, Cyber Security, Legal Affairs Dialogue; Land use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF), Circular Economy in China among others. She is a specialist in the full process of expert mobilisation, from contracting, deliverables tracking to invoicing. Chen is also very experienced in events organisation. Chen is a graduate of NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology) in the US. She is fluent in Chinese and English. Liang Chen is now the International Cooperation Officer at the newly-formed Innovation Office at China General Technology Group.

  • Sheng CHENG

    Junior Fellow

    Sheng CHENG provided database support to ECECP and became a Junior Fellow of ECECP in August 2020. Sheng is from China and is currently an undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He majors in Computer Engineering and minors in Applied Math. Sheng is interested in program design and logic and data analysis. He is currently focusing on his final year studies in system programming.

  • DENG Yanan

    Contracting and Procurement Expert, ECECP (ICF)

    Yanan was the Contracting and Procurement Expert at ECECP. She has a law degree from University of Beijing and previously worked at the Asian Development Bank and the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation Beijing office. Yanan is providing support to the EU-China Emission Trading System Project, a project also implemented by ICF Consulting

  • Markus Fischer

    Junior Postgraduate Fellow

    Throughout his young career, Markus demonstrated dedication for solving global environmental challenges. He is from Austria and holds a bachelor’s degree in international business from WU Vienna, a master’s degree in Environmental Policy from Sciences Po Paris, and is currently studying his second Master’s in International Relations at Peking University. His research interest lies in the role of businesses in global energy and climate policymaking. Markus can also count on diverse work and extracurricular experience from 5 continents. For example, he interned at a research centre in Singapore, and at international organizations in Brussels and Geneva, where he contributed to published reports. Further, Markus volunteered for environmental and development projects in South America and Africa.

  • Kristina Schagane

    Junior Fellow

    Kristina Schagane completed her undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley majoring in Environmental Economics & Policy, and minoring in Chinese Language. Kristina has been accepted by Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley for a deferred entry to their MBA programme. She spent two consecutive summers in China, in 2018 completing Princeton in Beijing at Beijing Normal University and in 2019 interning at ICF International. During her time at ICF, she worked on a variety of climate change and clean energy projects, among which included the development of the Future of Hydrogen Takeaway for ECECP. Kristina was the Sub-Editor of ECECP's Newsletter and Magazine till autumn 2020. Kristina is now working for Integrating Consulting in San Francisco.

  • Veronika Spurna

    Junior Postgraduate Fellow

    ral supply chains of the EU, China, and Latin America at the Global Environmental Institute. Previously, Veronika graduated from SOAS, University of London, with a BA in Chinese and Korean Studies. Veronika is from the Czech Republic.

  • XIONG Xiaoping

    Senior Energy Policy Expert, ECECP

    Dr. Xiong Xiaoping was an associate professor, deputy director of Energy Sustainability Research Center of Energy Research Institute, National Development Reform Commission. Dr Xiong has over 10 years of experience in green and low carbon development, energy system sustainability policy research. His research interests mainly include: energy-economy- environment analysis model, system design and comprehensive assessment of environmental commodity market, green and low- carbon development strategy and comprehensive policy research, economic evaluation and analysis of energy technology, as well as theory and pathway for energy transformation and sustainable development. Dr Xiong has led over 50 projects commissioned by National Development Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, World Bank, etc, and participated in the drafting of national policies on low carbon development and energy revolution, e.g. National Work Plan for Controlling GHG Emission during 13th Five-year Plan Period, National Work Plan for Controlling GHG Emission during 12th Five-year Plan Period, National Planning for Addressing Climate Change, National Strategies of Promoting Energy Revolution 2030, etc. Dr. Xiong has published more than 20 papers and books, and has won Ministerial level research awards including "First Prize of Outstanding Achievements in Energy Soft Science Research", "Second Prize of Outstanding Scientific Research Achievement", etc. Dr Xiong has now joined State Council Development Research Centre.

  • Xinchun (Brian) Yang

    Junior Postgraduate Fellow

    Xinchun (Brian) Yang is currently pursuing his MA degree in econometrics and quantitative economics at New York University. Xinchun graduated from Tsinghua University with a BS in electrical engineering and Peking University with a BA in economics. He has studied in Paris, and had research experience in academic institutions in Beijing, Hong Kong and New York. His research interest lies in the fields of renewable policies and electricity market. Xinchun has worked for think tanks to work out published reports on climate change and sustainable development, and he has also initiated several social impact events on renewable energy.