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Table of Contents

Letter from the Team Leader
1. China and the EU plan together for a net-zero future
2. Photo Clipping: 2023 EU-China Energy Dialogue and the Dissemination event for ECECP II flagship project – Investment and Technologies for Net-zero Carbon Infrastructure
3. ECECP publication
4. Electricity Grids and Secure Energy Transitions
5. The Belt and Road ahead: BRI energy projects for the next decade
6. Geared-up Germany enters second winter without Russian gas
7. How heat pumps became a Nordic success story
8. News in Brief
     • European News
     • China News
9. Featured Publication
     • Clean Energy Technology Observatory: Overall Strategic Analysis of Clean Energy Technology in the European Union – 2023 Status Report
     • Scaling Up Offshore Wind Energy in Europe
     • The Evolutionary Journey of Energy Regulators: Navigating the Transforming Landscape of Energy Regulation
     • Contextualizing PV End-of-Life Waste
     • Hydrogen in Decarbonized Energy Systems