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Table of Contents


  1. Making EU energy policy fit for climate targets
  2. Ramping-up EU hydrogen markets with effective regulation
  3. EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism lacks the detail to drive industry’s relocation near clean energy
  4. Germany: will the end of feed-in tariffs mean the end of citizens-as-energy-producers
  5. China’s energy system: record renewables expansion, but coal still dominates
  6. Green Finance – A new era: China’s Green Bond Endorsed Project Catalogue and the EU taxonomy
  7. Europe’s Carbon Capture pipeline: 40+ projects. But where’s the policy support and market creation?
  8. The Carbon Neutrality Global Challenge
  9. The role of research and innovation for China’s 30-60 climate goals – What is new and what is key?
  10. Nature Inspired Innovation for Sustainable Energy
  11. Aluminium-air batteries – technology of the future?
  12. A circular economy for waste solar PV materials: what needs to be done to get it started
  13. News in Brief

– EUR 17.5 billion Just Transition Fund wins EU approval

– EC launches BATT4EU partnership

– G7 pledge to end coal support and boost climate finance

– Norway to invest in renewable projects in developing countries

– UK to phase out coal generation by October 2024

– China launches world’s largest carbon market

– China releases 5-Year Development Plan for a circular economy

– New policy allows renewable developers to build grid connections

– China launches distributed solar roofs pilot program



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  • Fit for 55:符合气候目标的欧盟能源新政
  • 通过有效监管推动欧盟氢能市场扩张
  • 碳边界调整机制缺乏促进工业迁移的具体细节
  • 德国上网电价政策的终结会浇灭居民电力生产者的热情吗?
  • 中国的能源系统:可再生能源增长创纪录,但煤炭仍居主导地位
  • 绿色金融新时代:欧盟分类法与中国新版绿债目录
  • 欧洲CCUS项目亟待政策支持和市场创造
  • 碳中和全球挑战
  • 科技和创新在中国30·60气候目标中的作用
  • 受自然启发的可持续能源创新
  • 铝空气电池——未来技术?
  • 光伏废料循环经济应如何启动?
  • 简讯

– 欧盟公正转型基金获批,总价值175亿欧元

– 欧盟委员会启动电池合作伙伴关系计划

– G7承诺终止对煤炭的支持,并增加气候援助资金

– 挪威将加大发展中国家可再生能源项目投资力度

– 英国宣布2024年10月1日起停止燃煤发电

– 中国启动全球最大碳排放交易市场

– 中国发布《“十四五”循环经济发展规划》

– 中国出台新政允许可再生能源开发商自建送出线路

– 中国启动整县屋顶分布式光伏开发试点

– 中国拟在十年内实现新型储能全面市场化