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Table of Contents

Letter from the Team Leader

1. Is renewable energy capacity in the European Union making windfall profits from high wholesale prices?

2. Germany energy policy in turbulent times: between transition chances and lock-in risks

3. China’s relations with the Middle East: from oil trade to all-around partnership

4. How China can boost Southeast Asia’s energy transition

5. Electrification of heating in the textile industry

6. EU ban on Russian oil: Why it matters and what’s next

7. EU gas post-Russia: out-of-date regulations are preventing new gas flows from west to east, not infrastructure

8. How to convince consumers of the benefits of heat pumps?

9. Transition finance will accelerate decarbonization in China. Here’s how

10. News in Brief

  • European News
  • China News

11. Featured Publication

  • Recommendations for a future-proof electricity market design
  • Sector Coupling: A key concept for accelerating the energy transformation
  • Overview of China’s Energy Transition 2022: Chapter on natural gas
  • Synthesis Report 2022 on China’s Carbon Neutrality: Electrification in China’s carbon neutrality pathways
  • Contributions of renewables to ancillary services and system stability
  • Industrial Transformation in a time of crisis
  • Engineering Roadmap to 100% Renewables