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Table of Contents

Team Leader’s Letter

About EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform (ECECP)

  1. Decarbonising Industry is key to China’s net-zero strategy
  2. Policy-makers still undervalue Energy Efficiency as a grid resource
  3. A beginner’s guide to European climate laws
  4. Coal regions are ideally suited for utility-scale Wind, Solar and jobs
  5. China’s climate transformation and the role of green finance –what is going on and what can we expect?
  6. A new EU Gas Market must expose it to all clean energy solutions, not just gas-on-gas
  7. EMC – The Key of Integrating EU Solutions in China Building Energy Efficiency Market
  8. What caused the winter power rationing in central and eastern China?
  9. Building automation systems – the low-hanging fruit in energy efficiency
  10. Pump it up: how China can speed up global decarbonisation using heat pumps
  11. Biomimicry for global challenges: Taking inspiration from mangroves to regenerate degraded land
  12. CCUS ‘gasphilic’ process could double the conversion rate of CO2 into useful fuels
  13. News in Brief

– Europe ahead in global hydrogen race
– New EU battery rules support a sustainable energy industry
– Renewables overtake fossil fuels as EU main power source
– Creation of Italy’s new ministry demonstrates commitment to ecological transition
– Denmark to build world’s first artificial energy island in the North Sea
– Coal-fired power plants drop below 50% for the first time
– China enhances financial support for wind and PV industry
– China to push renewable heating in rural areas
– President Xi calls for construction of a new energy-based power system
– China’s state-owned energy companies race to roll out carbon neutrality plans
– Energy Highlights in China’s 14th Five Year Plan

  1. China Power Industry Statistics 2020



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  1. 工业脱碳是中国净零战略的关键
  2. 能效对于电网的资源价值仍被决策者低估
  3. 欧洲气候法入门指南
  4. 煤炭地区:大型风电、太阳能项目及就业的理想选择
  5. 中国气候变化与绿色金融的作用
  6. 欧洲新天然气市场应对所有清洁能源解决方案开放
  7. EMC模式解决建筑节能项目融资问题 促进欧洲技术在中国落地
  8. 中国中东部冬季拉闸限电的背后原因究竟为何?
  9. 利用楼宇自动化系统轻松提升能效
  10. 中国如何利用热泵加速全球脱碳进程
  11. 利用仿生技术应对全球挑战:受红树林启发重建退化土地
  12. CCUS的“亲油”过程可使二氧化碳合成有用燃料的转化率翻倍
  13. 简讯
    – 欧洲引领全球氢能竞赛
    – 欧盟电池新规提案推动行业可持续发展
    – 可再生能源首次取代化石燃料成为欧盟主要电源
    – 意大利组建新部门以全面发力生态转型
    – 丹麦将在北海建造世界首座人工能源岛
    – 中国燃煤装机份额首次降至50%以下
    – 中国加强风能和光伏产业融资支持力度
    – 中国将在农村地区大力推广可再生供暖
    – 习近平:构建以新能源为主体的新型电力系统
    – 能源央企角力碳中和计划
    – 中国“十四五”规划纲要能源要点
  14. 中国电力工业统计数据(2020)