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Table of Contents

Letter from the Team Leader

1. Consumer participation in energy markets – P2P electricity markets in China & the EU

2. Energy efficiency solutions from EU that could help meet China’s ‘Dual Carbon’ Goals

3. The Renaissance of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage in China

4. Using electrostatic repulsion to clean Solar panels, avoiding up to 30% power loss

5. Accelerating transitions to zero carbon

6. Hydrogen Industry reaches a crossroads

7. News in Brief

  • Gas storage centre stage as EU strengthens energy security
  • EU supports low-carbon development with EUR 1.1 billion grant
  • UK unveils new strategy to boost energy security
  • Portugal raises renewable generation targets to 80% by 2026
  • Spain to boost grid development in 2021-26
  • China releases its 14th FYP plan for energy development
  • China maps out its first national plan for hydrogen industry
  • New energy innovation plan to accelerate clean transition
  • China backs cross-sector electricity substitution
  • China to build unified energy markets

8. Reports Recommendation

  • Tracking Clean Energy Innovation: Focus on China
  • Grid Codes for Renewable Powered Systems
  • Building Europe’s Net-Zero Future:
  • Mobilising the Circular Economy for Energy-Intensive Materials
  • Steel Climate Impact