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Table of Contents

  • About ECECP
  • Team Leader’s Letter
  • Phasing out fossil fuels: the Danish experience
  • Short-term pain: the recent energy crunch in Europe and China
  • How can China’s national carbon market contribute to reducing emissions?
  • How to tap the efficiency potential of coal-fired power
  • Power sector flexibility lessons from Germany for better integration of renewables
  • European Green Deal and EU-China Cooperation on Urbanisation
  • News in Brief
    • Energy efficiency takes centre stage in Europe
    • Carbon removal joins the arsenal of weapons to be used against climate change
    • Hydrogen to edge out natural gas in the UK
    • Funding boost for French solar
    • Recyclable wind blade for commercial use offshore launched by Siemens Gamesa
    • China pledges to end funding for overseas coal-fired projects
    • China to liberalise coal-fired power pricing to stabilise supplies
    • China restructures T&D manufacturing industry
    • China launches green power direct trading scheme
    • New standard to promote EE and RE in the building sector




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  • 关于中欧能源合作平台(ECECP)
  • 序言
  • 淘汰化石能源:丹麦经验
  • 能源转型的阵痛:欧洲和中国近期的能源危机
  • 全国碳市场如何助力碳减排?
  • 挖掘燃煤电厂的效率潜力
  • 促进可再生能源整合:德国电力系统灵活性经验
  • 欧洲绿色协议与中欧城市化合作
  • 简讯
    • 欧盟发布“能效优先”实施指南
    • 欧盟拟启动碳去除认证计划
    • 英国发布氢能战略
    • 法国太阳能项目获欧盟资金支持
    • 西门子歌美飒推出全球首款商用可回收海上风机叶片
    • 中国承诺不再为新建海外煤电项目提供支持
    • 中国扩大煤电价格浮动空间以稳供保电
    • 中国输配电装备制造业迎来重磅重组
    • 中国启动绿电直接交易试点
    • 中国发布建筑节能与可再生能源利用通用规范