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Table of Contents

Letter from the Team Leader
1. Can building with wood decarbonise construction?
2. Green buildings: Ending the demolish and rebuild cycle in China
3. Finland is on track to meet some of the world’s most ambitious carbon neutrality targets. This is how it has done it
4. Smart grid in China, EU, and the US: State of implementation
5. Batteries are the environmental Achilles heel of electric vehicles – unless we repair, reuse and recycle them
6. News in Brief
     • European News
     • China News
7. Featured Publication
    • Energy Efficiency Policy Toolkit 2023
    • Breaking free from fossil gas: A new path to a climate-neutral Europe
    • Building Resilience in Europe’s Energy System
    • Better, Faster, Cleaner: Securing clean energy technology supply chains
    • 2023 China Power Outlook