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Table of Contents

Letter from the Team Leader
1. Assessment of EU’s emergency measures in electricity markets
2. Locational Marginal Prices (LMPs) for Electricity in Europe? The Untold Story
3. Europe struggles to heat homes without cooking the planet
4. Keeping cool in a hotter world is using more energy, making efficiency more important than ever
5. CBAM – unilateral trade barrier, or a route to carbon neutrality?
6. Steel industry makes ‘pivotal’ shift towards lower-carbon production
7. Clean power across industry is key to China achieving net zero. Here are two approaches that can accelerate its use
8. Improving Pumped Hydro Storage Flexibility in China: scenarios for advanced solutions adoption and policy recommendations
9. Monthly News Round-Up
    • European News
    • China News
10. Featured Publication
    • Green Hydrogen in China: A Roadmap for Progress
    • Corporates, Electricity, and Renewables
    • Material and Resource Requirements for the Energy Transition
    • The Heat Pump Wave: Opportunities and Challenges
    • Towards low flow temperatures: Making buildings ready for heat pumps and modern district heating