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Table of Contents

Letter from the Team Leader

1. The future of gas – unlocking opportunities in times of crisis

2. A price cap on EU gas markets?

3. Europe’s decoupling of electricity and gas prices: the crisis is temporary, so why do it?

4. By-product hydrogen: a bridge to a green hydrogen economy?

5. China’s ‘low specific power’ offshore wind turbines: a game changer for the global market?

‘6. ESCO-in-a-Box™’: bringing the ‘Cinderella’ of the energy world into the mainstream

7. Monthly News Round-U

  • European News
  • China News

8. Featured Publication

  • China Energy Transformation Outlook 2022
  • The European wholesale electricity market: from crisis to net zero
  • Power market and pricing mechanism reform in China: A vital step toward zero-carbon electricity growth and new power system
  • Demand-side flexibility: Quantification of benefits in the EU
  • Blockchain solutions for the energy transition: experimental evidence and policy recommendations