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Table of Contents

Letter from the Team Leader
1. Highlights of the 2023 EU Energy Days
2. Photo Clippings: ECECP studies dissemination public event
3. ECECP Publication
4. Celebrating the 4th anniversary: The journey of EU-China Energy Magazine
5. Financial headwinds for renewables investors: What’s the way forward?
6. Why China didn’t sign global pledge to triple renewables
7. What does China’s new methane plan mean for its climate goals?
8. Phasing down or phasing up?
9. Climate Solutions: Three Paths to Expanding Investment in Green Hydrogen Energy
10. Monthly News Round-Up
      • European News
      • China News
11. Featured Publication
      • China Energy Transformation Outlook 2023
      • Unlocking Demand-Side Flexibility in China
      • Electrifying Industrial Heating in China
      • Green power trading and Guarantees of Origin in Europe and Germany
      • International trade and green hydrogen: Supporting the global transition to a low-carbon economy