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Table of Contents

Letter from the Team Leader
New members of ECECP III
1. Performance and prospects of the EU Green Deal
2. Germany’s nuclear exit: One year after
3. Is rural wind energy in China ready to take off?
4. The future of Heat Pumps in China
5. Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines: how a new approach to an old technology can sustain the clean energy transition
6. Contracts for Difference (CfD) in the Swedish Electricity Market
7. News in Brief
• European News
• China News
8. Featured Publication
• Towards a More Dynamic Regulation for Energy Networks
• Putting the Mission in Transmission: Grids for Europe’s Energy Transition
• Early Stage Technologies in the Field of Energy
• Accelerating Just Transitions for the Coal Sector
• Financing the Low-Carbon Transition in Heavy Industry