Promoting and Integrating Renewable Electricity in China: Challenges and Opportunities | 促进和整合中国可再生能源:挑战和机遇
(Agenda | 会议日程)

Renewable Energy development and Energy system transition - ZHAO Yongqiang (Energy Research Institute) (Click here to watch)

可再生能源发展与能源系统转型 - 国家发展改革委能源研究所 赵勇强 (英语同传版)(点击这里观看)

Renewable Energy Policy Reform and Roadmap of Marketing Development - Shi Jingli, Energy Research institute (English version only)(Click here to watch)

中国可再生能源政策变革与市场化发展路径 - 国家发展和改革委员会能源研究所 时璟丽 (英语同传版)(点击这里观看)

Prospects for Renewable Energy Utilization, Innovation, and Integrative Development - XIN Songxu (China Rnewable Energy Engineering Institute) (Click here to watch)

新能源开发利用变革与融合式发展前景 - 水电水利规划设计总院新能源部副主任辛颂旭 (英语同传版)(点击这里观看)

Large Scale Variable Renewable Energy Integration and Power System Flexibility - HAN Xiaoqi (Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute) (Click here to watch)

大规模新能源并网消纳与电力系统灵活性 - 电力规划设计总院副主任韩小琪 (英语同传版)(点击这里观看)

Digitization: a tool to achieve intelligent sharing of renewable energy? – GAO Feng (Tsinghua University)(Click here to watch)

数字化促进可再生能源智能共享的途径 - 清华大学能源互联网创新研究院副院长高峰 (英语同传版)(点击这里观看)