Green Power Trading in EU and China workshop formed part of ECECP’s energy cooperation coordination knowledge sharing in China work. Periodic meetings between organisations active in energy cooperation with China meet together, to exchange news and views. 

This workshop is jointly hosted by ECECP and GIZ, with experts from GIZ, Energynautics Limited, Energinet, DENA, SGERI, Guangzhou and Beijing Power Exchange participating. 

Presentations in English are subtitled to facilitate greater access. Presentations in Chinese are in their original language. 


Welcome speech and EU energy crisis

  • EU Delegation
  • GIZ / DENA

Green power trading in the EU

  • Monique Voogt, author of Promoting in RE in EU and China (Joint Statement Report)
  • Kia Marie Jerichau, Director of Ancillary Services, Energienet
  • Alberto Pototschnig, Deputy Director (World of Practice) Florence School of Regulation Energy

Green power trading in Guangdong and Beijing

  • Ma Li, State Grid Energy Research Institute (in original Chinese language)

  • Chen Zheng, China Southern Grid Energy Development Research Institute

Sino-German Energy Transition Project

  • Anders Hove, GIZ

Panel Discussion (audio in English)

– Moderator: Anders Hove

  • Tim Mennel, Dena
  • Peter-Philipp Schierhorn, Energynautics
  • Zhang Xiaoliang, Beijing Power Exchange
  • Yan Xu, Guangzhou Power Exchange

Closing remarks

  • EU Delegation
  • GIZ / DENA

Workshop notes – Download