Both the EU and China have introduced programmes to encourage development of innovative technologies that will boost production and development of renewable energy.

There is plenty of appetite for collaboration and cooperation amongst companies in China and the EU.

An updated perspective is provided, by conducting interviews with 15 leading industry players in the EU and China to find out what stands in the way of clean energy cooperation, and what can be done to overcome those obstacles. 

The report is structured in three sections. First it presents the situation of European energy companies in China, then the situation of Chinese companies in the EU. The report concludes with ten action points for the EU, and ten action points for China that can encourage energy innovation.

One issue highlighted needing improvement is communication. Companies in the EU and China are calling for improved information flow at a sub-regional level to overcome firstly, the difficulties faced by Chinese companies when dealing with 27 EU Member States, and secondly, the challenges confronting European companies when approaching the complexities of China’s 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities and 2 Special Administrative Regions – each of which has their own policies and regulations.

The report provides 10 action points to encourage EU innovation in China, and 10 action points to encourage China innovation in EU.

Download: PDF (626 kb)