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Table of Contents

Letter from the Team Leader
1. Reaching net zero emissions demands faster innovation, but we’ve already come a long way
2. China’s emissions set to fall in 2024 after record growth in clean energy
emissions peak and decline
3. The ‘new three’: How China came to lead solar cell, lithium battery and EV manufacturing
4. Implications of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism for the iron & steel sector
5. Key Takeaways: Energy policy ideas for the next European Commission: from targets to investments
6. News in Brief
    • European News
    • China News
7. Featured Publication
    • Fossil Fuels in Transition: Committing to the phase-down of all fossil fuels
    • Tripling renewable power and doubling energy efficiency by 2030: Crucial steps towards 1.5°C
    • Hydrogen pipelines vs. HVDC lines: Should we transfer green molecules or electrons?
    • 2023 Global Electrification Monitor