ECECP 旗艦出版

Reports in English

  • ENTSO-E Grid Planning Modelling Showcase for China
  • Digest of the Handbook on Electricity Markets (China Edition)
  • Investment and Technologies for Net-zero Carbon Infrastructure
  • China Rural Energy Transition: Integrating Renewable Energy, Heating and Transport Sectors - Potential Areas for EU-China Cooperation
  • Energy security in the context of energy transition – Lessons and Challenges within Europe and within China
  • Opportunities in LNG, CCUS and Green Hydrogen sector in China for EU Business: enabling policies and financing needs
  • 中文版报告

  • ENTSO-e中国电网规划建模展示
  • 电力市场手册 (精华版 ) – 中国发行
  • 零碳基础设施的投资与技术规划 NEW
  • 中国农村能源转型:可再生能源、供暖与交通融合发展——中欧潜在合作领域 - NEW
  • 能源转型背景下的能源安全——欧盟和中国的经验教训与挑战 - NEW
  • 欧盟企业在中国液化天然气、CCUS及绿氢领域的机遇:支持政策和融资需求